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Monetary Trades is a fee-only investment adviser serving institutional and private clients globally. If you’ve worked hard and saved throughout your life, we can help you retire comfortably and confidently through tailored money management, industry-leading client service, illuminating insights and a fee structure aligned with your success. For more than 5 years, and through all kinds of markets, we’ve helped millions of people around the globe achieve their personal financial goals. Whether you’re investing for retirement, education, or something else, our distinctive approach can help you invest confidently for the future you envision

Our Approach

We Actively Monitor Markets

Our experienced analysts continuously monitor capital markets on a global scale, keeping an eye on market conditions, economic developments, and political issues. This information guides the portfolio management process in both identifying opportunities and recognizing risk factors. We summarize this information for clients through a variety of communications, keeping you apprised of our market thinking and what’s happening inside your portfolio.

A Top-Down Investment Approach

Two common approaches to investment portfolio construction are bottom up investing and top-down investing. A bottom-up investing approach is essentially a stock-picking method where you focus on individual security selection rather than a portfolio’s allocation to various countries, company-sizes, security types or other characteristics. However, we prefer a top-down investing approach. This method emphasizes broader economic factors. The strategy determines the allocation and selection of assets based on macroeconomic characteristics and how they expect to affect different areas of the market. Once the investors have identified the areas they think will perform well, they can select individual securities within those areas.

Flexible strategy

Many investment managers and funds specialize in particular areas of the market. They might invest in only US stocks, high-yield bonds or even more specific areas of the market, like small-cap growth stocks. A snapshot of their performance at any given moment might seem impressive. But what happens when their narrowly focused investment strategy falls out of favor?

In our experience, no single strategy is always superior, and those who adopt such an approach can underperform as leadership styles continually rotate. At Montary Trades, we use an active investment approach, led by our Investment Policy Committee and in-house Research department, that helps us respond to market shifts and their impact in clients portfolios. Monetarytrades employs a large team of investment professionals who analyze regions, countries, sectors and industries When managing investments for our clients, we believe this comprehensive approach to research allows us to invest across a variety of areas in the market, using a flexible strategy designed to help capture potential opportunities for our clients consistent with their goals and objectives.

Our active investing strategy is based upon our forward-looking view of markets. We make tactical adjustments along the way, moving clients’ portfolios into the types of stocks and bonds we expect to perform best. A portfolio that provides zero exposure to almost half of developed world equity markets is the opposite of diversified. But many investors portfolios might be doing just that if their investment firm only focuses on US companies and ignores the 40%+ of international developed-world equity markets. Such investors lack exposure to foreign markets whose stocks often trade leadership with US stocks, which can help reduce overall portfolio volatility. At Monetarytrades, we set ourselves apart by approaching asset management from a global perspective. We invest globally to help hedge against domestic downturns, expose portfolios to more opportunities, diversify and, over time, reduce volatility.

World-Class Client Service and Support

When you choose Monetary Trades, you will get a dedicated Investment Counselor who acts as a liaison between you and the IPC, communicates changes about your portfolio to you and helps you stay informed about investment strategy.

You will also have access to a variety of events designed to provide regular market updates and answer any questions you have about your Monetary Trades portfolio, Unlike most Brokerage Firm that keep you in the dark. These are just some of the ways in which Monetarytrades provides clients with a flexible investment strategy designed to help them respond to market shifts.

How Does Montary Trades Differ From The Competition?

Unlike many money managers that sell cookie-cutter portfolios, we tailor portfolios to your individual needs and goals. Monetary Trades doesn’t sell high-commission investment products and earns no commissions on trades. We simply charge a management fee based on the size of your account, so we do better when you do better. Furthermore, you will have a dedicated Investment Counselor who calls regularly to keep you informed (not because we have something to sell).