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NFP Investments

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1. NFP trades starts from the first Friday of every month

2. NFP prospects are expected to show interest for the NFP by sending an email and funding their accounts at least 3 days prior to the first Friday of the month.

3. The current ROI for the monthly NFPs is 40% ( if there are changes prospects will be notified via email).

4. The duration for the trade is 3 weeks (21 days from the first Friday of the that month).

5. NFP current initial amount is $30,000 (Thirty thousand United States Dollars only). NFP Initial investment capital varies

6. MONETARYTRADES may, at our discretion cover and without notice immediately cover the deficit of our esteemed NFP clients by loaning the amount.

7. NFP total funds are withdrawable at the end of the 3 weeks of trade but in a situation whereby the clients owes FVC, the NFP client is expected to clear their loans (if any) before they can be able to withdraw the total funds (Total deposits +40% ROI)